At last count, that is how many people we have weaving through this haystack called earth.  If we subtract out the ones not living in the USA, we can cut the number down to 310,435,839.  Of course no matter our sexual preference, we’re only interested in one half of the population so let’s cut that in half to just over 155,000,000.  This is the pile of hay we are left with in which to find our “soul-needle.”
     Why "soul-needle"? Because it IS like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Let's admit it... finding the one we are meant to be with is no easy task. We've all felt rather silly looking back on a past relationship, remembering the time we thought: they are the one.

     I’ve lived many years looking for my elusive “Soul-Needle”. I've had everything from childhood crushes which escalated into Puppy-Love to a 15 year marriage which ended in divorce. I’ve dated, rebounded, and bounced a couple of times before finally landing at the feet of the woman I know is not just the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with, but is the reason I have one…my Soul-Needle.

     While this Blog is not going to be about our relationship, it IS going to be about the roads we take, (and sometimes, un-beaten paths) in order to find our Soul-Needle. There are some of us which get lucky from the beginning and find our other half early on. More often than naught however, we are forced by our own personal Gods to endure a lifetime of trial and tribulation in an effort to, apparently, educate us on what we really want. I was at this crossroad 6 months ago.

     At 44 years of age, I've been put through the ringer in the relationship category. However, no matter the circumstance, I never gave up hope. Somehow, I just knew my Soul-Needle was out there. It's daunting, I'll give you that; actually trying to hold onto hope the person you want to spend Sunday mornings with wrapped in a cocoon of bed-sheets, played-out fantasies and spent candles actually exists. As each year passes, we begin to compromise with ourselves, don't we?  All of a sudden, things we would never give into months prior become not so big-a-deals.

     A few extra pounds? That's ok... they have dimples!  An annoying laugh?  At least they're not farting in public!  A strange aversion to the color green?  They seem nice enough!

     We compromise, Romancers! We don't want to and, most of the time, we don't even know we are doing it. We are so happy to have someone (anyone) in our lives we overlook our own needs and wants. I was a victim as much as anyone. Then it happened.

     Six months ago I (re)met my Soul-Needle.

     While I wasn't looking for her, it happened. They say (whoever "they" are) that that is when it will happen. I've always had a bit of a bullshit mentality when it comes to that theory but... it's proven me wrong.

     Out of 155 million plus opportunities, it turns out our paths had crossed a number of times. As much as I want to get into the specifics, I will save our story for a future post. What is more important right now is that after years of up and downs, ins and outs and rights with a number of wrongs, we finally came together.

     I'm not sure exactly when my Soul-mate turned into the search for a "Soul-Needle" but I remember coining the term at a point when I realized how hard it really is to find your ideal partner. The one you want to share everything with,  the one you don't keep any of your secrets from, the person you can't wait to get home to, the one you sigh at the sight of and melt during their touch.

     As I move forward with this Blog I am looking forward to hearing your stories as well as revealing more of mine. Some of mine will be fictional stories I've wrote, some factual. I encourage each and every one of you to leave your stories in the comment section. Whether you are still looking for your special someone, living with the one you wish would live up to their promises or are already blissfully happy with your partner, share your story.

     I will reveal my Soul-Needle story in the next couple days and begin my fictional serial story this coming Monday, Valentine's Day. In the meantime, feel free to comment on my first post and let's see where the discussions take us!




  1. HH--Good for you! Can't wait to hear more about your Soul Needle. LM

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words. I am actually working on that story!