Daniel and Sylvia (Part 3)

     Sylvia stood in the doorway of the bathroom inspecting the figure on the bed. The light filtering through the window gave his body an angelic quality. He had obviously reached for her after she slipped from the bed to use the bathroom, grabbing his shirt from the night before to wear. There was no need for modesty with Daniel; she wore his shirt to keep him close to her.

     She watched as he stirred, unconsciously sliding his hand over her side of the bed, still looking for her. The sheets were in tangles below his waist, revealing the upper part of his legs and butt.  Her eyes traced the muscles her fingers had navigated only a few hours ago.

     She had seen him naked many times before yet still couldn’t keep her body from reacting. She loved the thick waves of hair her fingers gravitated to every time they kissed. There were touches of gray peeking out and she teased him about it last night. His eyes, so at peace when he slept, sparked fires in her stomach when he caught her glance during the daylight hours. She swore he could see inside her, deep into the places she never allowed another to go.

     Her eyes landed on the red scratches her nails made during their love making, piercing his skin from his lower back to his shoulders. He never seemed to notice when she did it, they were both too entranced with the oneness of the moment. She cried out when she scratched him, feeling his passion shoot into her as she herself exploded against him.

     It had been five years since they made love. Five torturous years since she left him in the middle of a night no different than this one. She never told him why she left and when she appeared in his life again last night, he didn’t ask. Sylvia could see the questions in his eyes when she handed him her key. When he slid the key in the lock she could see the questions fade and the love and lust they used to share return.

     She didn’t want him to see her when she came to Cleveland. Now she stood, staring at the one true love of her life, wondering if she’ll be able to silently say goodbye. This time for the rest of her life.

     Her mind floated to the love they made last night; the lust, the hunger, the animalistic desire. Daniel knew her better than any man ever had. He had explored every inch of her body during their time together. He knew what made her cry and what brought her to rapture. She admired his hands and twines of muscled forearms. Oh how those hands had ravaged her, caressing her skin, maneuvering her body, and conducting her heart.

     His hands were so strong yet could carry themselves featherlite over her body. She loved how his hands would turn from gentle tour guides introducing her to sensations she had never felt, to starving beasts during their love making. She closed her eyes and imagined his hands on her body, sloping their way over her breasts and stomach, impatiently finding their way to where she wanted them most.

     Sylvia felt Daniel's shirt fall open and let her hands slip between her legs. She was wet just from the thought of him. Remembering the way his hips moved above her before they fell asleep she stroked her fingers slowly along the length of her, feeling herself open at the thought of him. Her fingers caressed themselves further into her desire. Feeling herself get more excited, she let out a soft moan. Opening her eyes, she saw Daniel staring back.

     Feeling caught, she jerked her hand away, making the shirt fall from her shoulder. She immediately tried to cover herself again.
     "Leave it off." Daniel purred michieviously then commanded, "Come here."
     He held his hand out and she went to him. Falling against him and letting herself be wrapped inside his arms. She felt him harden against her as his lips pressed to hers and her heart began to race with the knowing of what was about to happen and she hated herself for it. As his hands guided her hips onto his, she looked into his eyes and all she could think of was, How could she do this to him all over again? She loved him so much her heart pained at the thought of being apart from him but it was because of her love for him she was going to have to run away again. 


  1. awesome work this is great stuff. there are some experiences for me to share with you.
    names are anonymous, right?

  2. If you signed up anonymously, then yes, you will remain anonymous. Thanks for your comments and I look forward to hearing more from you!

  3. Hansel. a counselor friend of mine has stated that literature profs will sometimes have their lit students "Live the Story", only then will they better be able to write about it. Sounds as though you may have and know this process well. GREAT WORK.

  4. Anonymous (2?)

    Let me start by apologizing for not knowing if you are the same Anonymous who first posted or a "new" Anonymous.

    I would have to agree with the profs. You HAVE to put yourself in the story. It has always been that way for me. I am glad you are enjoying the story so far and the next installment will be posted with the actual title to the story. If you haven't already, you can "Like" my Dance of Romance page on Facebook or follow updates on Twitter.

    More than anything I would like input on topics you would like to see discussed or story-lines you'd want explored.